Sofia Steel drum Workshop

Steel Pans or steel drum workshop are very popular in schools, colleges, Universities, special needs, cooperate and team events. Hiring a steel pan or steel drum workshop is a great idea!  We provide steel drum workshop for all ages ranging infant  to adult, Pupils of any age and abilities are able to take part in our steel pan activities; including clients with a special need background and disability. We have full public liability insurance cover and have been CRB cleared.

We have a lot of experience of going in to schools, where we give the children an opportunity in our music workshops to learn a about the colorful history of steel drums or ‘steel pans’ and how they are made and tuned, we try to make our workshop very entertaining and excitable by involving musical games,over the past years we have done hundreds of steel pan work shops In schools, colleges, nurseries, universities, special needs school and team building events. To see a list of our client please visit our customer testimonials pages. 

Foundation and Elements of Our Steel drum Workshop

  • Learn about the different kinds of steel pans, the range, its history and origins. 
  • Instrument demonstration of rudiments and scales
  • Live performance
  • Audience participation
  • Questions and answers.
  • Musical Games and Nursery Rhymes sing along for Infant.

We offer 3 basic music workshops   

Taster Workshops -Taster workshops are available for schools and groups across the UK and beyond. Tasters workshops can take place over one, two or three days with the option of an assembly presentation and a performance. This involves 8 to 10 sets of steel drums along with 3 tutors. This is an ideal way to introduce steel pan music to your school; we provide the instruments and tutors, so there is no need to worry. With this type of workshop, we can only cover 4 classes per a day.


Informal work Shop – This is the most popular workshop in schools and college; this workshop takes place over one day and can accommodate 6 to 8 classes. This involves 2 or 3 tutors coming in to deliver the workshop, with our own steel pans. This kind of workshop is divided into 30 or 45 minutes segments.   

Team Building workshop - We also offered team-building workshop for organizations or private companies,  why not Give us a call.

At the conclusion of our workshop, our aim is for our students is to achieved and appreciated Greater understanding and appreciation of the steel pans and its origin and  Bonding with peers and working together as a unit.

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